Shadowrun Jargon

Badlands The region surrounding present day Tokyo marred by neglect and sporadic military engagements. Characteristically ashen due to unfought fires and not being maintained after natural disasters and combat.
Buttermilk A person that is not cybered(chromed) in any way.
CapSats Satellites that cover Tokyo in a four layer redundant grid that identify and record any firearm discharging outside. Discharging a firearm in public is a Class 3.5 Felony in Tokyo. Also referred to as SatCaps.
Chromed A person that is modified heavily and obviously with cyberware.
Coat-tails A run in which one team follows another through the holes the first team punched in security. Usually not appreciated by the primary team and frequently done so that the primary team does not even know about the second entry.
Cochran A witness run in which each runner is a plant intended to throw off investigative procedures following another run.
Double Dipper A person that takes two conflicting jobs, both against and for the same target.
Escort A deliberately high profile bodyguarding run in which actively chromed runners seek to protect a principle with intimidation and bravado.
Face Man Negotiation based run in which the runner represents a vested interest on their behalf.
Fetch A run consisting of an acquisition of commodities and their transport back to the employer.
Goalie A bodyguarding run that focuses on protecting one (or more) principle(s).
I-Spy An intelligence gathering run that focuses on data collection.
Java Wars Period from 2035 to 2048 during which Tokyo, Sendai, Nagano, Yokohama, and Aomori City States actively engaged in full scale combat with South American City States not limited to Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama. War was initiated after dispute between Tokyo and Columbian coffee production in the Americas.
Meat Clinic A street hospital for runners where less questions are asked about how injuries occur.
Nexus A location that is associated with either tremendous benevolence or horrific past deeds. Nexi are focus points that augment casting, for good and for worse, in their surroundings.
Oswald A run that involves an assassination via rifle or other long range weapon.
Paparazzi A run that consists of one target being followed and under surveillance without confrontation.
P.B.U. A Personality Backup Unit. Installed as part of a clone insurance system that allows the insured to retain past experiences, knowledge, and memories in the event that their current operating brain is disconnected prior to new clone activation.
Repo A run in which stolen articles are reacquired and returned to the employer.
Strong Prowl A robbery run that requires the front door be used to enter the premises. Also referred to a simply a Strong.
Terminex A run that focuses on the termination of one target, usually a droid or critter.
Walk in the Park Typical expression used by Shamans to challenge each other to Astral Combat.
Weak Prowl A robbery run that usually does not require the forced entry in through the front door.
Wetwork Any job or run that involves killing or assassination, particularly in face-to-face situations.
Vat Chic A clone of a usually attractive woman that is not activated. Referred to usually in reference to individuals who enjoy sharing their company (still inactivated). Also referred to as a Vatty.