Wonder who gets to come home...>>>>>[Alright, the run that I have been building to since October, and it's here! As you all fly off into the sunset, remember how much fun it has been playing this game. To be honest, I don't expect everyone to make it back, but there should be some real bangs on the way out. Good luck on friday, I'll do some quotes before then, and email some of you about side issues preceeding this run. Congratulations to the ladies for gaining those most useful of spells, and I hope that at least once you actually get to use them. ki o tsukette tomodachi's. ]<<<<<

- Genji <11:24:01/05-17-04>

Get to work Hex!>>>>>[DAMN! So close, and yet to have victory literally ripped from my grasp! Doc has made it to 100 days. What kind of a failed DM am I that once again a game goes by without someone yelling "Medic!" for Doc. And there was C4 involved, oh what bitter irony! Congratulations to the entire group on your new found stolen cars, gaining some loot and other goodies (like a mech, for instance...), and, of course, for killing Maynard. Things are convoluted, just the way I like them, and we'll see what the horizon holds. I have some good quotes to go up here, give me a day or so, I get to kick people today. Enjoy the heat! Sayonara Mother F*ckers!]<<<<<

- Genji <10:27:41/04-18-04>

Man Down! Man Down!>>>>>[After several listless nights, we finally have a game today! Nothing to update, but it will be nice to see everyone together again tonight. That will be ending in a couple weeks with the preacherman leaving us, but I have plans to play via video-conferencing while he's in AZ. We'll see if that works. Oh, and before I forget, what the hell happened two games ago? Was Hex doing some gang initiation thing or just stabbing himself in the neck for the fun of it? Hopefully that will play out this evening. Mata yo.]<<<<<

- Genji <11:31:55/04-5-04>

>>>>>[Right, I've updated the Jobs, Quotes, some Roster stuff, and the Graveyard page. I need to do the group Info page, but there's so much to do I'll leave that until I have a paper due and use that as an excuse not to do the paper. And, eventually it would be nice if we can get a pic of Damion: the faceless one. But all these things came come in time. I also could use a Doc to PDF converter if anyone has one, the website I used to use died. And! Doc has his legs back, so we should see that little counter over there reset again sometime soon!! Have a great week. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <16:21:08/03-22-04>

>>>>>[Alrighty, there is a ton of stuff to put up here, and over this week I'll be doing just that. For now, I have a stinking paper to write. It's due tomorrow, that's right, in the middle of spring break. In some upcoming game I will be introducing this gutter slut of a she-male as an NPC and I will see how graphically you all can kill her. Until then, have a better day than I am having. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <12:37:31/03-15-04>

Damn you Uta... >>>>>[Got to love finger pointing. Anyhow, as a side note, sorry about last game, I was a little off and things ran poorly. I hope you all still found enjoyment though. It's always interesting to see how jobs will pan out, I didn't expect Uta to be running blocking for me on the fun tack, but who knew. You have the tapes, and a lead on a player, so you may actually be able to see what is on them. Next game: Willy's and more. ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <13:23:40/02-14-04>

>>>>>[I have put up bio's in the roster page. I only have info about some of you, so if you see something that is missing or wrong, email me and I'll fix it.. The quotes, group info, and the graveyard pages now link to the bio's too. Have a great day, and I hope to see most of you at dinner tonight. Ye ha!]<<<<<

- Genji <16:45:17/02-2-04>

>>>>>[Ha, here I thought that Doc's counter was going to never make it past 14 days, and now I'm wondering if Johny needs one too... Nice job on getting work, Let's see Stone knock this one over.you guys and girls keep the money coming in and maybe that life-long dream of running your own non-Asian laundromant can come true. I updated the info page as well, and if you want to see the new Johny, check his mug shot out on the photo page. Hex, I see Fuchsia in your Future. Also, nice job on getting your own Earth Mover dump truck. ]<<<<<

- Genji <12:22:01/01-31-04>

>>>>>[Tonight was fun, I enjoy the side drama a lot. It might even be the case that the nails were figured out... The jobs page is updated and Gale's new pics are up as mug shots in the photo page. See you all next game.]<<<<<

- Genji <00:53:54/01-24-04>

>>>>>[Ye ha, the semester is underway, classes are always refreshing at first. We have a game tonight and I am looking forward to it. There are some new quotes up, and I must say that you all are very witty. I've added a new page for jargon that I will be updating as I remember stuff that I forgot, and you can all help me do that too. Ki o tsukette!]<<<<<

- Genji <02:02:41/01-22-04>

>>>>>[We're down some members, but we will press on. After a large amount of procrastination on my part the group info page is updated and revamped. The jobs page is up to date with Juniper's job turned in and the Repo run underway. Johny and myself will be making up a small page of Shadowrun terminology for people to know what things mean. Here's to the future.]<<<<<

- Genji <12:31:55/01-05-04>

Ho! Ho! Ho shit, is that a train?!

>>>>>[Happy Holidays! Hope everyone gets what they deserve this holiday, and if I see any fruit cake heading this direction, karma will be affected. ]<<<<<

- Genji <17:12:55/12-24-03>

>>>>>[Alright, I'm done with my classes, so I'll be doing updates over this week and next. Congratulations on the last run, everyone had the opportunity to mess it all up, and none of you did. (was that a compliment? I guess so...) So, without further ruminations, I've updated the released spells sheet, and Johny has done the graveyard page, so that's a start. I'll do quotes today as well: DONE, we have some wonderful ones from the last couple of weeks. ]<<<<<

- Genji <11:44:13/12-17-03>

>>>>>[Small update: the info page has been updated due to Johny's diligence. Have a great week.]<<<<<

- Genji <15:49:09/11-9-03>

>>>>>[You're all out and the George Romero run is over. This week we'll try to get some indy runs in and give the group a much needed week off (or will we?). I've got movement! The files section is updated with equipment, and I have one quote up for Gale. The jobs page is up to date, and after tonight we'll update the group info page. (Like that page needs to be any longer...) Here's to the upcoming holiday runs, none of your lives will ever be the same. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <15:47:29/11-7-03>

>>>>>[Last run was one to remember to be sure. The group had found it necessary to drop one of their own, and Chip joins the rest of the runners never to make it out of IACom Science's Cyclotron. This was gaming at its best; it was at the same time emotional and unsettling, and very real. Each member has been certainly effected: Doc barely stands covered in blood and noticeably singed, Johny is bleeding and wondering who Uta really is, Hex is on his last legs, Gale is entirely covered in crushed ghoul puree, Uta is hurt more than she ever has been, and Chip has a hole in the back of his head. 5 real bullets remain, and the casters are feeling there limits approach. The graveyard page is updated, I've put up a timeline for Doc to fill out and keep in the matrix section, and I've released some new spells for the casters to learn. Ja ne, and here's to making more great stories like this last one.]<<<<<

- Genji <21:20:21/10-24-03>

>>>>>[Graveyard page is up, and we can see some of the noteable kills so far. Thanks to Johny for the page, he'll be updating it when we get some more trophies.]<<<<<

- Genji <21:09:43/10-11-03>

>>>>>[The group is safe, at least for the moment, trapped between uncertainty and certain death. You can take a break, enjoy some vending machine treats, and count what ammo you have left. We'll see who makes it out of here, though you have been covering each other's backs well. I've updated the info page with all the new information (getting rather long, we might have to multipage it...). The newest quotes are up, and the jobs page has been checked. I'll be putting the game dates up on the runs soon, eventually that will make a difference. The photo Chip redigitized is up in the matrix section, and the graveyard page is almost done: Johny is finishing it up. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <24:34:56/10-10-03>

>>>>>[I hope everyone enjoyed the fits of laughter brought on with the McGuiness run. Between the song lyrics and the vat-chic scenario, it was fun. Maybe now that the Fair is over, we can play a saturday here or there, so longer games can take place. This is an odd time in game: the whole team is healed, vehicles have lasted for more then one run, you all have money in your pocket, and even the decker is getting a rep. I must not be doing my job well enough. Anyway, the quotes are up, and the jobs page is up to date as well. Johny has also volunteered to do the graveyard page, so maybe we'll start to be able to keep track of kills in the future. See you all soon. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <15:39:24/09-24-03>

>>>>>[Long time since an update, but here we go again. My classes are into full swing, but I'll do my best to update more often. The group completed the most rewarding run yet, only to have all that money spent on jacking Doc out of lock-up. McGuiness awaits, and everyone is playing as a team much better these days. There is Doc's Rap Sheet added to the files page on the matrix section, and I have all the recent quotes up. I have also updated the jobs page with the Wolf Spider run. I've also put up the group photo that Scarlet made. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <20:33:21/09-13-03>

>>>>>[Last game was hilarious. Between Amy's monkey puppet and Doc shooting the monitor, well it was funny to me. This morality issue is really funny as well. Doc is willing to stick his fingers into fresh bullet holes to interrogate someone and force feed the poor bastard zombie till he OD's and dies a painful death, but you're not going to try to fence 15k doses. The group photo of you all smiling, pistols at the ready, and saying no to drugs is strange. Thanks to Doc, the JJ data dump is now readable, and I've added some other files from the last game to the files page on the matrix section, and I have some new quotes up. I have also updated the jobs page with old and new jobs. Remember, next time you get 45 minutes, and then it's on. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <18:54:20/08-5-03>

>>>>>[Monday was shopping day, and though it ended with a bang (or so you'll soon see...) it was fairly uneventful. The reunion went well, everyone was alive and a lot of information was exchanged. I've updated the files page on the matrix section, but I don't have any quotes from last week. If anyone can remember any, email me. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <13:23:48/07-31-03>

>>>>>[Sunday ended with the group splitting up to lay low for a couple days, and some mini-group runs will be this weekend. The new quotes are online, and I've changed the jobs page. Paul will be updating the Info page if he feels like it. Have a great weekend if I miss talking to you. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <17:28:23/07-16-03>

>>>>>[Alright, we are into the swing of things here. I've updated the quotes and info pages with last Monday's shenanigans. I hope you all enjoy Johny's picture above, he certainly looks like he's having fun. Ja ne.]<<<<<

- Genji <20:31:23/07-10-03>


As we decide what information belongs online and where, more of these links will get fleshed out. If we decide that we want character pages online, then they will go under the roster section. If we keep track of those npc's and pc's (rummy?) that die, they will go into the graveyard section.

As I find time, I'll be posting up my unique rules, spells, caliber sheets, etc. under the house rules section. And running will have all the info that Doc has collected, including current runs and complete/past runs. Should not be very long before we get something up there, it depends how good Doc's html is.

And one last thing, if you are wondering why the home button says "garage" then you haven't played with us for long.]<<<<<

- Genji <22:51:13/07-04-03>

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