>>>>>[This is how legends die.]<<<<<
  - El Conquistador, while charging a mobile cannon chic in a cop car.

>>>>>[What does a bazooka shoot?]<<<<<
  - Doc, out loud, in a crowded diner in Shinagawa-Ku.

>>>>>[We should just quit running and take him to the dog track.]<<<<<
  - Hector, about the sprinter in the group.

>>>>>[She was a pro, she wasn't there for us.]<<<<<
  - Doc, most sense his character has made all game.

>>>>>[Uh, well, I don't like squirrels...]<<<<<
  - Uta, about whether she was 'like Hector'.

>>>>>[I know from experience that magic doesn't always work...]<<<<<
  - Scarlet, less then 24 hours after being knocked cold from casting a spell that fizzled anyway.

>>>>>[Where are you going to be? Okay, I'm going to be here.]<<<<<
  - Hex, pointing to directly behind Doc on a planning map.

>>>>>[Why don't I take him outside and shoot him, and while he's rolling around on the ground, you negotiate with him?]<<<<<
  - Johny, about the decker that would save his butt two hours later.

>>>>>[... well, what can YOU do?]<<<<<
  - Uta, to the decker accusing her of being so much fluff.

>>>>>[Do you want to do any shopping before we leave?]<<<<<
  - Scarlet, being shouldered out of a newly perforated apartment and finally getting some looting done.

>>>>>[Is it a wasabi hole? Yeah, it's a wasabi hole.]<<<<<
  - Hex, confused about what exactly was used to kill JJ while he "got the car."

>>>>>[It was the screen saver, I swear....]<<<<<
  - Doc, explaining why he put a .45 into a monitor minding its own business.

>>>>>[Oh yeah, you're a real shadowrunner.]<<<<<
  - Uta, to Hex while sporting a monkey hand puppet and gestering as if the monkey agreed.

>>>>>[I need a 1000 rats for my snake.]<<<<<
  - Hex, to a rather alarmed PetCo employee.

>>>>>[Does it look like it's a girl droid or a boy droid? You can't tell, Weiner's in the way.]<<<<<
  - Doc and the DM's response, about what the gender was of the Wolf Spider after falling out the window.

>>>>>[So... When are we getting our money back?]<<<<<
  - Scarlet, said just after the celebratory toast Hex raised to working as a team in getting Doc out of jail.

>>>>>[Why don't we just order a pizza?]<<<<<
  - Uta, said incredulously to everyone else trying to convert a trash can lid into a cheese pie.

>>>>>[He's carrying himself out.]<<<<<
  - Scarlet, about Doc having to be carried out of every run, this time by himself.

>>>>>[Don't feel bad for that guy, those are the tears of a clown.]<<<<<
  - Johny, about poor sobbing Shoeshine McGuiness.

>>>>>[Chip, you're fired.]<<<<<
  - Doc, helping the group dig themselves out of a hole with Sally McGuiness.

>>>>>[Get used to it, we go through it all the time.]<<<<<
  - Chip, to Doc, about how Doc feels about having to carry his clone everywhere.

>>>>>[We've bled for each other, now let you bleed for you.]<<<<<
  - Johny, to Doc, about what to do with his clone.

>>>>>[How much does a decker run?]<<<<<
  - Scarlet, rhetorically, while tallying up what the group lost during the Cyclotron run.

>>>>>[We can't go to church like this!]<<<<<
  - Uta, speaking frankly to the team after excessive mid-afternoon drinking at the Nai.

>>>>>[If I was half the man I used to be...]<<<<<
  - Doc, in reference to his recent loss of mobility.

>>>>>[Whoa, let's put the brakes on, roller boy.]<<<<<
  - Johny, to Doc, indicating that Doc needed to chalk his live-in ride.

>>>>>[Ha. Our Creech killed you before your Creech killed us.]<<<<<
  - Hex, said triumphantly to Nuck Chizoes as the troll skewered him.

>>>>>[What the heck is fuji dust?]<<<<<
  - Hex, wondering aloud about a cloud of white powder exploding over a ring.

>>>>>[Hex, we got this, get the troll.]<<<<<
  - Uta, to Hex, at which he immediately began to follow directions and then thought better of the idea.

>>>>>[It's like a customer who enters a bazaar with his eyes blindfolded, his nose stoppered, and his mouth gagged.]<<<<<
  - Doc, trying to communicate during a negotiation about his difficult position.

>>>>>[If a man is guilty for what goes on inside his head, then give me the electric chair now for all my future crimes.]<<<<<
  - Doc, debating whether or not to kill Nuck Chizos' clone for past transgressions.

Damion >>>>>[I'm not panicking, no, seriously...]<<<<<
  - Damion, while running around a room about to be overrun with the criminally insane.

>>>>>[Oh no, he'd kill me.]<<<<<
  - Hex, succinctly put to Johny in response to Johny's suggestion that Hex fight Onyx.

>>>>>[Yeah, we want to get our deposit back.]<<<<<
  - Uta, to everyone about where Hex should stab himself without ruining the carpet.