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Don Guarding - Complete 7-21-53
Johnson: Father Type: Goalie Affiliation: Mob Pay: 2000¥

Description: Don Deluise is a mob boss in Tokyo. A wetwork freak named Hatchetman is currently under contract to kill Deluise. The Don hangs out around the Kanji Nai and the ArcLight in Roppungi. While the Don already has professional security, your employment is meant to further deter an attempt on his life.

Status: COMPLETE, Hatchetman struck at the Nai along with a distracting sentry gun and was stopped by a valiant and lucky Hector. Doc made it permanent with a .45 ACP to the neck and Deluise was saved. Johny ended up saving Hector as well against a last confused bodyguard.

The Bank Robbery - Complete 7-22-53
Johnson: Father Type: Cochran Affiliation: Runners Pay: 500¥ each

Description: Sakura Ginko bank is going to be robbed. Robbing a bank is a huge deal in 2053. As cash is almost non-existent, banks are frequently just vaults to hold valuables. With enough money and setup security, e-security, entrance, egress, surveillance, etc. can all be taken care of. The only uncontrollable factors are the witnesses in the bank. So runners are hired to just be in the bank to be taken into custody and throw the cops off the facts. Requires buttermilk runners without any cyberware to even get into the bank.

Status: COMPLETE, Johny, Hector, Amy, and Crane joined 150 other non-chromed runners in hanging out at the bank and taking a ride to Metro HQ. Each 'witness' told a story to the interrogating officer and was released.

Warchild's Muscle - Complete 7-22-53
Johnson: -side job- Type: Escort Affiliation: EQ Pay: 750¥

Description: Warchild of the EQ requires some muscle to help him with diplomacy while meeting with the Red Necks' Billy-Bob. Runners should be overtly chromed and packing for bear. The EQ always hire their muscle as an average EQ member is 97 lbs. soaking wet.

Status: COMPLETE, Doc joined Ric and Skewer in helping the foul mouthed Warchild meet with Billy-Bob. Evening ended without shots fired, and Doc joined Ric and Skewer for some drinks.

Cop Killer - Complete 7-23-53
Johnson: Arcade Type: Oswald Affiliation: DeathScythe Pay: 20,000¥

Description: Peter Murphy is a police officer. He needs to stop breathing, and a fake drug deal has been set up in a temporary SatCap free zone. You have between 10:01 and 10:03 on Friday night to take him out, and a H&K G3 SG/1 will be provided as the primary firing weapon.

Status: COMPLETE, Murphy was taken out after persistent firing from Doc, Rummy, and Johny. Rummy took the pig down, and Johny splashed his brains all over a rain soaked Shinagawa street. Other apparent complications developed which included other runners becoming involved and the building Hex and Doc were in being reduced to rubble by an air dropped munition. After all was tallied, this run barely covered the losses.

Fool's Gold - Complete 7-26-53
Johnson: J.J. Type: Weak Prowl Affiliation: NTT Museum Pay: Set up

Description: NTT Telecommunications company has a small museum office with a valuable mineral collection on display. Security and e-security will be taken care of. You must enter the building, find the display with a provided map, and retrieve the minerals.

Status: COMPLETE, Set up by John Johnson, Doc, Scarlet, Hex, Johny, and Uta were able to escape the police trap with Chip's ability to bypass a locked door. As Johny got to the display of minerals, he found 20 Kg. of "Botswana Iron Mine: Ferric Pyrite." The runners fled the scene, got JJ's address from a reluctant Father, went to JJ's house and asked him some questions. This line of questioning led to JJ's demise and the crew fled into the shadows.

Tattle-Tail - Complete 7-31-53
Johnson: Father Type: I-Spy Affiliation: Olympus Pay: 5,000¥ each

Description: Olympus Camera Corp. had a break-in three months ago. 47 stories up a weapon or charge was used that blew out the outer structure wall without any powder burns. Find out what was used and possibly who has access to it.

Status: COMPLETE, Hex and Uta ran down some leads, eventually through an Orc mechanic, Mother, an angry gremlin, 7-11, and the President of the United States. After 7-11 sent them a data file on the BB gun, they went to Father and fingered the Marauders as the culprits.

Bug Hunt - Complete 7-31-53
Johnson: Father Type: Terminex Affiliation: Toho Pay: 40,000¥

Description: Toho DataStore data warehouse has installed a new security droid: a Toyota Business Class Guardian Droid "Wolf Spider". It has gone rogue and is treating the entire building as a hot zone. 2 security guards, the operational manager, and most of the DocWagon squad sent to get him are dead. You will be delivered to the building and egressed. Take the droid out.

Status: COMPLETE, going in with the help of another group composed of Rocco, Hate Weiner, Maru the rigger, Eva, and Lilly, and a box of 560 parakeets and mice, the team infiltrated the Toho building. They took up refuge in the basement, waited till the Wolf Spider ran out of bullets sniping vermin, and destroyed its docking bay. A brief firefight ensued, Chip and Doc were momentarily KO'd, and they eventually forced the drone out the fourth story window, though to Hate Weiner's death. Maru was shredded in the process, and was on her way out when Scarlet sacrificed herself to bring Maru back from death's door. Several members were carried out, and Toho seemed to care less about their sacrifice. Toyota was on scene picking up Wolf Spider pieces as the team was driven off.

Slide Ass - Complete 8-8-53
Johnson: Father Type: Paparazzi Affiliation: Personal Pay: 4,000¥/day + 6k¥ on completion

Description: Sally McGuiness suspects her husband, Shoeshine McGuiness, of impropriety. Engage in a peaceful dialog with Mrs. McGuiness, find out what it is she wants to know, and tail her husband until you have enough info, or the completion date comes up. Do not physically confront Mr. McGuiness, he must be allowed to follow a normal daily schedule.

Status: COMPLETE, after secretly meeting with Mrs. McGuiness, the team started tailing Shoeshine. His routine included leaving work early to go to the Nai and the ArcLight to meet young attractive women, and getting their DocWagon numbers. Staking out his home at night and his construction job during the day, the team finally found Shoeshine sneaking into a DocWagon Medical Warehouse while his wife slept. Eventually gaining access to the site through a cleverly disguised and augmented Hector, Mr. McGuiness was found to be a connoisseur of Vat Women. A brief and tense negotiation followed that ended in the team receiving 75k yen, Doc's clone, and all records of his account erased in exchange for their agreement to never disclose what they know, as well as Hector's and Doc's DNA signatures. Mrs. McGuiness was subsequently told that all is well in her relationship, the team received payment for the PI run totaling 34k yen, and a deviant and twisted man was free to continue his hobby.

Ring of Red - Complete 8-9-53
Johnson: Father Type: Terminex Affiliation: IACom Pay: 25,000¥

Description: Called abruptly by Geoffrey, the team headed north up to the IACom Cyclotron complex in Kita. Once inside, they realized that this was a widespread call to runners to help clear out an infestation of ghouls. Aoshi Sakamoto, IACom Science CEO, offered a bounty per ghoul head, and 5 dozen runners entered the tunnel ring to clear out the problem.

Status: COMPLETE, Walking into tunnels flooded with the undead, the group fought through hordes of ghouls until they found shelter in a storage sublevel. Using an available bobcat and a 15 ton ream of computer paper, the team blockaded themselves into the sublevel, all the while fighting untold masses of undead. Running out of ammo and endurance quickly, the team found untimely dissention in their ranks, which ended with the death of the team decker and three dwarven mercenaries. After waiting for help to arrive in the form of a mysterious mage, the group was freed. Stumbling back to the lobby, it became apparent that several members of each runner team were injured or dead. Aoshi Sakamoto offered a blank payment of 25,000¥, which the team accepted. Licking their wounds and wondering aloud as to the cause of the incident, the team exited the IACom Cyclotron.

"Juniper's Scavenger Hunt" - Failed 8-21-53
Johnson: Freelance Type: Fetch Affiliation: Juniper Pay:

Description: Given a simple business card and some vague information, the team headed south along the Shinagawa docks area towards an abandoned and decrepit beach on Tokyo Bay. There they met Juniper who tasked them out to find three reagents for an enchantment. Sent to find Brimstone, Elderberries, and Ghoul Matter, the team would receive payment in the form of a mysterious and unknown trinket. They were given the three addresses to seek and the team began the search.

Status: FAILED, having beaten ShadowBox in Astral Combat and acquiring Ghoul Matter, and managing to escape Peño's wrath with Brimstone, the team set out to find Elderberries. Maru provided the means, and the team sought out a group of Gypsies in the Badlands outside Tokyo. Captured and boot-stomped by the Gypsies, the team barely managed to escape with Gale finding some assistance in the Badlands. The Elderberries were offered up to the group if they could solve a riddle, which they could not. Having lost all their equipment, liters of blood, Doc's legs, their pride, and their objective, the team was rescued by Crane, Maru, Ric, and Skew in a Bradley. Upon presenting the two acquired components to Juniper, he hastily seized the Ghoul Matter, and dismissed the group in failure.

Bigger Fish - Complete 8-21-53
Johnson: Father Type: Repo Affiliation: Tokyo Museum Pay: 6,000¥

Description: Around 8-19-53, 6 individuals broke into Tokyo Museum and stole a Convergence Locator from a magical display of artifacts from Titan2000 sponsored by GerberTech. This group had mages amongst them and were astrally tracked to a defunct garage & gas-station in Ueno. Seek out this group and reclaim the device. This is an open run, and as such, other groups may be employed concurrently.

Status: COMPLETE, after receiving the location of the C.L. from Geoffrey, the group set out to do some recon on the garage & gas-station. After stealthing around and identifying 5 of the 6 individuals, the group struck with simultaneous sleep and chaos spells. Acquiring the upper hand and realizing that their opponents were entirely children, the group began to zero in on the C.L. in the quickie mart. As Doc & Walt brought the van around for a quick egress, they were suddenly hit by a second team consisting of the troll Stone, and a less-than-human Styx. Doc was saved from death a fourth time though Walt E. Walt was beyond help as both were fried by an errant sleep spell from Hex. Two Japanese girls were killed apparently by Styx, and a third boy troll was also eviscerated. Stone was driven off with a called shot by Doc, and Styx is assumed to have left subsequently. The C.L. was returned to Father and three of the youths were taken away and released.

Of Magpies and Larks - Complete 8-22-53
Johnson: Father Type: Face Man Affiliation: IACom Pay: Undisclosed

Description: IACom seeks to do business with an ancient sect of Japanese Monks on Mt. Fuji. Aoshi Sakamoto, CEO of IACom Science, requests that a chip-jacked Japanese negotiator facilitate communication. The language to be spoken is over 200 years old and is not found in present day Tokyo. A bonded level 4 lingui-soft chip will be necessarily installed to do business. Negotiations will take place at a specified Monastery on Mt. Fuji and transportation will be provided.

Status: COMPLETE, traveling with Mr. Sakamoto, Doc proceeded to be bonded, gain rudimentary fluency in the language, and don appropriate garb. Negotiations were tense, however the two highest priority demands were met by the Monks: a Corporate Blessing, and a Cleansing of Camp Zama. In return, IACom agreed to rebuild Saigo Takamori park, and allow the Monks access for two days each year to Tokyo's Chiyoda Palace Grounds. Doc was flown back to the IACom building and released from his contract.

Don't Worry, Be Happy - Complete 8-26-53
Johnson: Arcade Type: Carmen San Diego Affiliation: Personal Pay: 90,000

Description: M'lee Mikasa is looking for her father, Professor Ichiro Mikasa. He has been missing for 2 weeks, and a police report has been filed. Contact M'lee and locate Prof. Mikasa if possible.

Status: COMPLETE, after finding a hidden key at Mikasa's residence, the team found several interview tapes in a station locker. Subsequently the team tracked down a working Mini-DV8 camera through computer searches, questioning a prior owner, a pawn shop, and eventually by mugging a young boy. The tapes led them to the Minato Office Complex building and finally to Alphatek's basement. Using clever masks of Aoshi Sakamoto et al., Gale, Johny, and Damion entered the building. Several Gundam provided further complications, as well as some happy, yet disturbed, patients locked inside. Eventually the team called in a favor from the real Sakamoto and egressed via a stealth Gunship. Mikasa was reunited with his daughter, though several members were hospitalized as a result.

"Jeweler Hit" - Reneged 8-24-53
Johnson: Arcade Type: Coat-tails Affiliation: Don DeLuise Pay: 77,000¥

Description: Don DeLuise seeks the demise of a jeweler located on the 28th floor of the East-21 Building in North Koto-Ku. The Marauders will be infiltrating the building at 9:28 on Friday Aug. 27th. The window of opportunity available before Tokyo Metro responds is 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Gain entry via their insertion point, dispatch the jeweler, and egress without the Marauder's knowledge.

Status: RENEGED, unable to post any kind of roster for the run, the team cancelled that morning with Arcade. Arcade was displeased, and fined the group 20% of the payment submitted.